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Your Milkshake Brings Girls to the Yard: My Thoughts on Modesty

Dear Men,

We love you. Let’s just start out by saying how much I personally love men…  SO MUCH. Which is why I find myself writing this. This isn’t for me, this isn’t for us women, this is for you.

Summer is just around the corner. We can smell it now: the BBQ, the sunscreen, the chlorine. It’s a beautiful thing.

On the other hand, summer is also full of a lot scary things: sunburns, mosquito, your bodies.

What? Men’s bodies? How? What? WHY? Well… Us women? We are very hormonal. We absolutely cannot control our very natural tendencies. Let me explain.

PictureLook at me. No control.

Women are naturally very attracted to the male body. It’s so hard for us to control our urges. Be a pal, cover up. Obviously we wish we could control ourselves, but we can’t. It’s just how we were made. SO, it’s up to YOU to make sure we don’t start fornicating all over the place. Wear a t-shirt when you play volleyball, don’t wear compression leggings to the gym, and DON’T wear cut-off t-shirts. Ever. It’s your responsibility to help us with our wholesome motherly duties. Is it a lot to ask? Maybe. But it is your responsibility, so cover it up boo bear.

PictureLook at me, it’s like a crazed animal.

Please do not post photos of your cleavage or side boob (pretty much all gym photos.) It’s very hard to respect (if at all.) I’m not saying that you need to earn our respect… but you do. Really, we see you as an object until proven other wise.

Sure, we’ll like your photos, we’ll comment heart eyes or the fire emoji, we’ll even slide into your DM’s.

BUT, don’t get it twisted, we will not take you seriously. We will not see you as a human being. A real woman isn’t attracted to a “hot” man.

Be the man you want your son to look up to. Do you want your son’s 72 hour kit to consist of C4 and protein powder? NO! Do you want to be the father that teaches his son to be comfortable in his own (covered up) skin? Then start acting like it. When the sun is out, the guns don’t have to be out. You don’t have to be a member of the swole patrol. Stand up! Be different! Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. It’s okay to leave the sleeves on your shirts. It’ll be hard, but you’ll be so much better because of it. Trust me. You are a strong, independent man that don’t need no acceptance from the female population.

Basically, we love you. We love you so much that we want you to be the best person that you can be, and that means covering up. No shoulders, no side-boob, and no, NO thigh high shorts. Just remember, it might seem like we’re only asking this of you because we can’t control ourselves… but, this is really for you. Trust us.


Your Victims (The Women Population)

Feels weird right? You know, me, asking men to cover up. Yeah, I know. Trust me, it’s weird reading all of the “What I want girls to know…” letters my guy friends post on Facebook.

(Disclaimer: My intention isn’t to get all “let’s burn our bras” on all of you, but it’s to share a little bit of my own thoughts on the matter.)

First of all, isn’t there an Article of Faith stating something about men being punished for their own sins? (Rhetorical question. There is. Duh. Click here to check out all 13 while you’re at it.) We are all responsible for ourselves and our own actions. SO this whole, “your modesty directly influences me” thing can only go so far.

Second, I love this Gospel because we teach that we are to love one another and to be accepting and to be awesome. Our whole purpose is to bring people to Christ! I love that.

We aren’t volunteer sheriffs, in charge of taking down our friends and family for the good of the community. We are a beacon of light to others, an example to the nations.

What does that mean for us here and now? Well… This means that we need to start looking within, and we need to start pondering on what OUR purpose is.

Why are we doing the things that we are doing? Why are you dressing modestly? Why aren’t you dressing modestly? Why are you cyber stalking your ex-boyfriend? Why are you binge watching Friends for the 3rd time in the past year? Why do you go to church every Sunday? Why on Earth are you in favor of Donald Trump? Once you figure out the answers to these questions (and many more,) reflect on what that means to you. Think about your purpose.

If you’re okay with the insight you discovered about yourself, then keep on keepin’ on! You got it, lock and load, you’re golden. If you don’t feel so good about what you’ve come to realize about yourself, fix it. It’s Y O U R life. You can do whatever you dang well please.

But, do you want to know what you shouldn’t do? You shouldn’t take that special opportunity (you know, the beautiful opportunity of you discovering your purpose and love for yourself and for your Heavenly Father) away from others. You shouldn’t try to shame others into feeling the way you do. It’s okay to be an example, to live your life in the oh so perfect way that you currently do, but you shouldn’t bring others down.

PictureSide note: Be careful of what you’re preaching. The whole, don’t judge thing comes to mind. No one is perfect. I know that I sure as heck am not. You don’t see me posting on social media about how people shouldn’t eat an entire tub of nutella in one sitting. Why? Because someone will call me out (because I have a history with Nutella,) and I lose all credibility. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll try to post a sassy Facebook status telling girls that you won’t respect them if their photos are scandalous, and then a girl you tried to “hit up” calls you out. C’mon, guys/girls, no one likes a hypocrite. LAWL

I love my Heavenly Father, oh so much. I respect my body and my virtue because I love and respect the Creator of all of these beautiful things. I am not modest in my language, dress, and actions because a male friend posted on Facebook that he only respects classy girls. I could really give a rats behind what those Facebook preachers preach. I am who I am because of my own testimony and love for my Father in Heaven.

Why do you do the things that you do?

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