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November Faves

November Faves

Hi. I know what you’re thinking… Kristen is selling out/trying to become a big blogger and is doing sponsored posts of her favorite things.


I am nowhere NEAR popular enough to do sponsored posts. The closest I’ve ever gotten to a sponsored post was last summer when The Classic Skate Center in Orem gave me a free skating pass for posting on IG about skating. #ad

Anyway, I’ve recently went back + read all of my old posts, including posts on my old “Provo Diaries” blog. I actually laughed out loud at most of them. It was so fun reading them because I remembered what I was feeling at that exact moment when I wrote it. So… I’ve decided to post once a week things about my life: dating (or the lack therof,) my favorite things at the time, churchy stuff, etc. Why? Because I feel like it will be HILARIOUS for me in a few years or in a few months. Hopefully everything is still relatable to y’all. But also if it’s not… oops.

OK. So here are my favorite things RIGHT NOW:

1. Chik-Fil-A Chik-n-Minis. That’s my number one. HAHAHA I’m honestly a joke. If you haven’t tried them, TRY THEM. They are just the regular chicken nuggets in a little dough-y roll covered in some sort of buttery honey glaze sent from Heaven (seriously though I know without a doubt that Chik-Fil-A is the Lord’s food.) They stop serving breakfast at exactly 10:30 on the freaking dot… trust me, they won’t serve you breakfast after 10:30. Make sure you’re prompt, it will be worth it I promise.

2. My job. I work for Kortni Jeane Swimmers and it’s amazing. The swimsuits are the only swimmers I ever wear + I’ve met so many amazing people while working here. Here’s a few photos of me on the job:

3. RESTAURANT APPS. I am a firm believer in the power + blessings that come from downloading all of the restaurants’ apps. I have an entire folder of them on my phone. Noodles & Company, McDonald’s, Chik-Fil-A… the list goes on and on. Seriously, you get either FREE food or discounted things. And I’m 23 so most of my food comes from a place with an app, so might as well use it right?

4. This is my one boujee thing… I accidentally completely destroyed my old phone, so I got the iPhone 8+ and I am obsesssssed. First things first, my old phone was 16GB. It was basically just a fancy calculator. My new phone is 64GB, it’s HUGE, and I can do literally anything from it. Like, I’m writing this entire blog from my phone. ALSO, I can take fancy pictures and by that I mean mainly just taking selfies in a mirror. Here’s 3 from the last week: 5. The song, “Good As Hell” by Lizzo. Here’s the first verse for all my laaaadies:

“Come now, come dry your eyes

You know you a star, you can touch the sky

I know that it’s hard but you have to try

If you need advice, let me simplify

If he don’t love you anymore

Just walk your fine a** out the door

I do my hair toss

Check my nails

Baby how you feelin’?

Feeling good as hell”

My friend showed this song to me + it was EXACTLY what I needed. I HAVEN’T GONE A DAY WITHOUT PLAYING IT AT LEAST 3 TIMES. It is so catchy. And she’s a QUEEN. It’s my new anthem. It should be yours too. Listen to it. Promise? K. Thanks. Also, sorry mom + dad if you’re reading this/listening to the song because it says the “A” word. 

Okay. There’s all of my favorite things right now. Chances are they will be the same next month, but who knows. YOLO.

***Also, Chik-Fil-A if you’re reading this, I’m willing to sell out and be sponsored by you. DM or email me or contact me through your app.



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