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Hi so nothing about the title is true, but I’ve been working on my clickbait skills and I felt like that would get your attention. So, hi. Now that you’re here under false pretenses, let’s get down to business.

I’ve held off on blogging for quite awhile because I was looking for my niché. I know that I want to blog + post videos + talk everyone’s ear off, but it’s just hard when I don’t fit into a lot of the blogger categories. Ya feel? Like, I know very little about fashion (I only wear Old Navy Jumpsuits), even less about beauty + makeup (lol I only use IPSY samples), I don’t go to Disneyland enough to be a Disneyland expert blog (which is my ultimate goal btw) and I don’t live a very exciting life. I’m very… average. And so, it’s been very hard to be a #blogger when I didn’t know what type of blogger to be.

hi this is me if u forgot what I look like

Anyway, this morning I was driving to work and my phone bing’d like I got a text. I went to look, and it wasn’t a text, it was a notification from Noodles + Company. (Honestly, this wasn’t a HUGE surprise. I get more notifications from food apps than I do texts from real people. And… I’m okay with that.)

Ugh. Back to the point, I have an entire folder of apps on my phone called “Broke B****” and that’s where I keep all of my restaurant + fast-food apps. They are v important to me. Free food is v important to me.


I decided that this is what I’m going to blog about, things that are important to me. If that’s jumpsuits, IPSY samples, or food apps, SO BE IT.

And so, here it is, not the post that anyone asked for, but the post you all deserve.

3 Food Apps You Need To Download RN (and who they would be if I had to compare them to IRL boys):

  1. Noodles + Company – If Noods + Co was a boy, they would be that SUPER genuinely nice guy that is always there when you need him. He’ll text you randomly just to “check-in.” You aren’t trying to date him, and he’s not trying to date you. He’s just there to remind you that you are loved. He’s truly cares about you + your well being. K NOW FOR NOODS + CO THE APP. YOU NEED TO DOWNLOAD NOW. First things first, noodles are good. Cheese, butter, carbs, fats, sauce, etc. There is no bad, only good. ALSO, they will not only give you rewards for everytime you spend money there… THEY WILL GIVE YOU “JUST BECAUSE” REWARDS! Like I said, I was driving to work + got a notification from Noods + Co… naturally I opened it immediately and it literally said, “We miss you. Come Back. Enjoy a meal on us.” AND IT HAD A FREE MEAL COUPON. NO PURCHASES NECESSARY. They also sent me an email just to make sure I wouldn’t miss it. V helpful. Also, this is the second time that this has happened in the last 6 months. A-ma-zing. The app is not a want, it’s need. You need to download. Noodles + Company genuinely care about you. They’re the nice guy we all deserve.
  2. McDonalds– If the McDonald’s App was a boy, they would be that guy that texts you to hang out and when you reply back saying “yes when?!” he never replies back. Like, you’re still into him but also now you’re annoyed with him. (But that won’t stop you from picking up the phone the next time he calls.) Just like that boy, the McDonald’s food app is LITbut also disappointing at times. It has great deals aka almost always a free item with purchase. Like yes I came here for a $1 Diet Coke but the app says a free McChicken with any purchase? Mmhm. Ok. I’ll eat it. BUT, don’t get too excited because it will let you down when you need it. The app tends to crash right when you need it (it will say “No Deals Available At This Time” but I’m sorry Ronald McDonal would never approve of that????) and lately a lot of the deals only work on mobile ordering (which I refuse to do because that would be an entire new low for me….) But, still a good download. I still pick up when they call even when they let me down.
  3. Cafe Rio. Cafe Rio. Cafe Rio. If Cafe Rio was a boy, they would be the cool fun guy that will always invite you to fun things. “Hey there’s a concert this weekend.” “Hey my friends and I are going to this bonfire” “hey I have a boat” Like, they aren’t trying to get into your pants, they just want to have fun and be your friend. That’s Cafe Rio. They are ALWAYS inviting me in with good deals. You need to download the app for the sole purpose of the cheering the app does whenever you scan points. ALSO IT IS ALMOST ALWAYS TRIPLE POINTS. So it’s v easy to get points aka to get free food. Cafe Rio isn’t trying to get into your belly, they just want to have fun and be your friend. And I’m into that.

Anyway, this is my new brand: me posting about whatever is important to me (food) and the weird thoughts I have about it (food is like boys.) Love y’all and I hope you download all of these apps and invite me to go eat at these places with you.



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