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January 2018

  • February 1, 2018

January 2018 was... as to be expected. I had a lot of goals + I didn't achieve a single one. Oops. BUT, I did keep one of my goals/resolutions. At the beginning of the year I told myself that I…

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2018: The Year Kristen Got Hot

  • January 4, 2018

Happy FREAKING New Year!! This is always such an exciting time. I mean it is a 👏🏾 new 👏🏾 year. Brand new. We all have the chance to do everything over again. Didn’t like how Valentine's Day went last year?…

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What Do You Mean You Don’t Like JBiebs?

  • April 12, 2016

DISCLAIMER: I have been a Belieber since Day 1. Please don't let anything that you're about to read make you think otherwise.  On April 2, 2016, (last night) I had a moment. It was one of those moments in life…

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